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No one day is the same at Senior Week.We really only get five and a half days with your teen. (Sunday is just a half day and Saturday doesn’t count because we’re all walking zombies who are just wanting to sleep in our own bed at home.)Senior Week has a jam-packed schedule, but it can fluctuate depending on weather. We squeeze a LOT in every day. Usually, I’ll send a schedule out before camp begins, but every day is composed of 3 meals, 2 bible classes, 2 worship times, an active team activity, a big elective activity (hikes, river tubing, trips off-campus, etc.) individual prayer time, and a few hours of free time where kids can play in the lake, enjoy the rec center (the “arc”), play a game with friends, or just sit and talk.

Here’s a basic formula we follow:
Run Club – 7 a.m. (for those campers that are looking to stay in shape for their fall high school sports)
Breakfast – 8 a.m.
Morning Kickoff – 8:30 a.m. (devotional, worship and instructions for the day)
Major Class – 9:30 a.m. (bible classes divided by age)
Team Games – 10:30 a.m.
Lunch – 11:45 a.m.
Rest Period – 12:30
Experience God – 1:30 (individual or group prayer time)
Elective Bible Class – 2:15
Free Time – 3 pm (three hours to play in the lake, ark, craft shack or just sit and talk. Sometimes we’ll use this time for a big activity like a hike or river tubing.)Supper – 6 pm
Evening Activity – 8:00 (We have rap battles, cabin lip sync competitions, capture the flag, etc.)
Evening Worship – 9 pm (usually, we meet at the lakeside shelter, around a bonfire, or just on the softball field staring at the stars)
Bedtime – 10:30 pm (Some cabins have evening devotionals every night. These are at the discretion of each cabin counselor.)

Let me just warn you, this is a basic outline. This schedule bends and twists as we deal with weather and other unforeseeable delays. So, don’t necessarily come to camp to visit on Tuesday and expect supper to be served at 6 pm sharp. Each day we have at least one BIG activity. Sometimes it’s a team game that requires our entire staff to help. Other days, it’s a trip to Pretty Place or Bald Rock. Depending on the weather, it can be river tubing or a hike to a nearby waterfall.

If you come to pick your child up on Saturday, and they seem a bit lethargic, groggy and emotional… I’m sorry. Sort of. Just rest assured they’ve been active and learning for the past 5 and half days.